eHandbook: Make the Right Moves with Powders

Aug. 13, 2014

When designing a system to transport powders and granules there is a wide variety of considerations. Different applications, installation environments, equipment, material characteristics and how they may change during the process are all part of the equation. While many plants aim to keep costs low and often times use old equipment for a new project this can also further compound a complex challenge. And that's not even taking in to consideration our increased awareness of the risks of an explosion and the need to avoid hazardous emissions. In this Chemical Processing Powder eHandbook, we take a look at key considerations affecting today’s best practices for transporting and processing powders and granules including:

  • Installing pneumatic conveyors correctly - 10 steps to prevent a variety of common problems
  • How to understand accuracy in a bin level monitoring system
  • Tubular drag conveying - an alternative to pneumatic conveying
  • Vacuum Conveying equipment and the issues of safety, security and sanitation

Learn how to process powders efficiently.

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