Bulk Solids Innovation Center Journal

July 28, 2020

Everyone who has worked with bulk solids knows that they are a challenge and are much less predictable than liquids or gases. Methods that work with one material don’t work with another and may not even work in the same process if environmental conditions change, if you try to run it in a different season of the year, or if you change material vendors.

Chemical Processing in collaboration with the Bulk Solids Innovation Center has developed this Journal to help you better understand bulk solids processing and solve your challenges. It includes insight on:

  • How the Bulk Solids Innovation Center Came to Be: The need for bulk solids research prompted its formation
  • Powder Handling: Beware of Blending Myths: But first determine if blending really is required
  • Prolong the Life of Material Handling Equipment: A variety of techniques can prevent wear and abrasion
  • Understand the Key Role of Bulk Solids Testing: Getting suitable data underpins success in material handling
  • Troubleshoot Your Feeder for Optimal Performance: Understand key factors affecting volumetric and loss-in-weight units

Download the Bulk Solids Innovation Center Journal now.