Sulzer Chemtech relocates to new, expanded facility

April 10, 2007
Recognized throughout the world for decades as an innovator in the field of mass transfer products, Sulzer Chemtech opened its first Houston facility in 1998. That was the first step in a series of moves designed to position the company in the U.S. market.

In its original location, Sulzer was primarily a mass transfer equipment supplier. Each subsequent move has provided the company with additional space, employees and technology so that today Sulzer offers process design packages, fabricates and installs equipment that includes random and structured packing, trays, internals and has a 24/7 emergency replacement service team should their equipment, or anyone else’s, be damaged. Whether customers are facing a major turnaround or routine column repairs and maintenance, Sulzer Chemtech offers a complete solution.

“Sulzer’s first North American headquarters, in Houston, was shared with Sulzer Process Pumps and primarily geared to equipment sales without space for production or our service businesses,” says Rodney Alario, director of Sales and Service. “Since 1998, Sulzer has made several moves in the Houston area and each one has enabled us to expand. Our move to a facility in Pasadena in January of 2003 provided more space for our field service and emergency equipment business, including a staging, or training area.”

The company recently moved its North American headquarters to the recently acquired Cana-Tex facility in Humble, in North East Houston. As with all their previous moves, this one places the company in a larger facility that will make it possible for synergies to occur between their field services, turnaround services, and equipment groups.

With the merging of the Sulzer Chemtech and Cana-Tex field service groups, the company has expanded its resources by at least 70%. The new Sulzer facility in Humble also has a much larger warehouse than any previous locations, enabling the company to inventory a massive supply of tools, hardware and equipment for any field service or turnaround need.

Sulzer Chemtech also has regional offices with sales and satellite warehouses in key industrial areas throughout North America, including: Benecia, California; W. Berlin, New Jersey and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Global manufacturing facilities include Tulsa, Oklahoma and Mexico City, Mexico.

Sulzer Chemtech Ltd. is a member of the Sulzer Corporation with headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland and is one of the leading technology and service providers for separation and mixing technology.

Recognized as a world leader in the field of mass transfer, Sulzer Chemtech employs more than 1,800 persons worldwide and has facilities in most major industrial centers.

For more information, contact Rodney Alario, director of Sales and Service, Sulzer Chemtech USA Inc. – 281-540-2555 or visit

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