Siemens Offers Integrated Drive System For Open Cooling Circuits

Feb. 14, 2017
Water-cooled Sinamics S120 converter and Simotics FD motors enable a shared cooling circuit for the entire drive system.

Based on its IDS concept, Siemens offers an environmentally friendly integrated drive system for open circuits comprising Simotics FD motors and water-cooled Sinamics S120 converters. Using an integrated cooling concept, the new system turns available service water into cooling water for the drive system, enabling a joint open cooling circuit for the plant, motor and converter. The joint cooling circuit allows the recooling module for the converter to be dispensed with, significantly reducing the amount of space required and providing improved economic and energy efficiency, according to Siemens. Flexible drive trains can be created to address complex applications in fields such as steel, automotive and process industries, as well as for offshore and shipping applications.

With its water-cooled drive system, Siemens provides an efficient overall concept that reportedly makes minimal demands on the quality of the water. Any kind of available water, from service water customarily occurring in industry through to treated river water, can be used for drive system cooling. Because the overall system is resistant to oxygen enrichment of the cooling water, it can prevent unwanted oxidation.

Dispensing with additives in the cooling water lessens the environmental impact of the drive system and ensures simpler commissioning. Use of a copper-nickel alloy makes the drive system for open circuits particularly corrosion-proof, resistant to biological growth and durable. The integrated cooling maintenance concept with water cooling of both motor and converter offers efficient heat dissipation, significantly reducing the need for air conditioning. The overall system with water cooling operates reliably even in harsh environments due to the high protection ratings that can be implemented for both converter and motor.