Process Safety With Trish & Traci

Trish Kerin, director of IChemE Safety Centre, and Chemical Processing’s Traci Purdum discuss current process safety issues offering insight into mitigation options and next steps.

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La Mède Refinery Tragedy Unveils Critical Corrosion Lessons

Nov. 22, 2023
The importance of rigorous corrosion inspection programs and the need for comprehensive risk assessments in facility design are paramount to process safety.

Lessons Learned From The Deadly Explosion In Pasadena, Texas

Nov. 7, 2023
The legacy of Mary Kay O'Connor, who was killed in this incident, has aided in promoting process safety and saving lives.

Podcast: Mastering Risk Management in High-Hazard Industries

Oct. 4, 2023
There is no such thing as zero risk, but we can take more effective approaches to minimize the potential for those risks to be realized.

Podcast: Game-Based Learning Revolutionizes Process Safety Education in the Chemical Industry

Sept. 6, 2023
In our latest episode, we sit down with Dr. Cheryl Bodnar, one of the brilliant minds behind "Contents Under Pressure," an immersive game designed to teach process safety. Discover...

Tipisodes Podcast: 9 Tips for Effective Process-Hazard Reviews in Chemical Facilities

Aug. 29, 2023
By following these tips, facilities can enhance the effectiveness of their process-hazard reviews in the Management of Change (MoC) process, minimizing the risk of missing critical...

Podcast: Piper Alpha Disaster -- 22 Terrifying Minutes, Countless Lessons Learned

July 31, 2023
The tragedy exposed various deficiencies in safety management and emergency response.

Process Safety: Prepare For The Worst

Ensure your employees are trained to respond to an emergency so their response is second nature.

Podcast: The Importance of Ethics In Engineering

June 27, 2023
Inspired by a recent study about DuPont and 3M's knowledge of the toxicity of PFAS chemicals, this podcast discusses transparency and emphasizes the need for professionals to ...

Podcast: Lessons Learned From The 2013 Williams Olefins Explosion

June 16, 2023
The cause of the explosion was traced back to a heat exchanger at the plant. Written procedures, checklists, redundancy and assessing risks for transient and unusual operations...

Fast Facts Podcast: Trevor Kletz and Inherent Safety

May 17, 2023
Fast Facts is the newest installment of our Process Safety podcast series. As the name implies, it’s fast and it’s facts.

Podcast: Lessons Learned From 1988 Shell Plant Explosion

May 2, 2023
A corroded vapor line caused the deadly incident. This episode talks about ways to stay ahead of corrosion concerns and how to better protect workers in case of unthinkable catastrophe...

Podcast: Don’t Dismiss Process Safety Weak Signals — Find Your Platypus

Cognitive biases lead to process-safety events. By getting our brains used to looking for the unusual, we can better manage safety in our facilities.

Podcast: Examining Ohio Train Derailment; Five-Year Anniversary of Exxon Mobil Earthquake Incident

Trish and Traci discuss the response to the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment noting that environmental factors will be an issue. Also, this episode unpacks how Exxon Mobil...

Podcast: Tactics To Help First Responders During Process Safety Incidents

Insight into rescue challenges and solutions at chemical facilities.

Process Safety: What Are Your Shell Middens?

Storytelling provides a great way to communicate vital process-safety information.

Podcast: Lessons Learned From 2022 Process-Safety Incidents

Dec. 23, 2022
Turning tragedy into tools to help avoid future catastrophes will help keep workers safe.

Podcast: Hone Transferable Skills To Promote Safety

Nov. 17, 2022
The workplace can be so much more for colleagues than simply doing a job and going home. If you want to succeed, you need to listen and communicate as it's the currency of safety...

Podcast: Avoid A Hero Complex During Safety Training

Oct. 29, 2022
Practice, practice and more practice makes great emergency response but be careful of the message you are sending.

Podcast: Hydrogen Safety & The Energy Revolution

Sept. 20, 2022
Unlike the oil industry, we can set the foundation of embedding inherently safer design into how we manage hydrogen going forward.

Podcast: San Bruno Pipeline Explosion Lessons Learned

Aug. 23, 2022
Grandfathered standards from the 1950s along with incorrect blueprints led to loss of life and reputation.