Enews Examples

Chemical Processing Weekly
This weekly edition presents all the news, articles and products new to ChemicalProcessing.com. An easy way to stay on top of what’s new in the chemical processing industry.

Insights From The CP50
Developments, trends and lessons learned from the Chemical Processing 50 — CP50. The CP50 is a comprehensive list of the movers and shakers in the chemical processing industry.

CP Fab Five
This is a monthly alert providing the latest information in new products available for process and plant optimization.

Multi-Media Alerts
Update of podcasts, video clips and Webcasts that have been added to ChemicalProcessing.com. Once registered, this free content may be downloaded immediately.

White Paper Alerts
Monthly listing of whitepapers that have been added to ChemicalProcessing.com. These papers are available to registered members at no charge and may be downloaded immediately.

Asset Management Insider
Getting the most out of equipment is crucial for efficient and economic plant operations. This eNewsletter will show how to optimize assets and lower costs.

Energy Efficiency Insider
This newsletter offers resources for making chemical facilities as energy efficient as possible, thus saving money and the environment.

Fluid Handling Insider
Addresses safe, efficient movement and management of gases and liquids. Includes valves and piping, pumps, compressors and motors, drives and predictive monitoring technologies.

Powder Handling Insider
Addresses handling and treating powder and solids. Coverage includes mixing and blending, intermediate and final product storage, material movement and particle size control.

Process Instrumentation Insider
This newsletter offers readers access to trends and developments in the latest instrumentation news and applications. All the tools you'll need to achieve measurable success.

Water Optimization Insider
Monthly e-news discussing the critical challenges of improving wastewater treatment and industrial water quality.