ProXES Opens North American Technical Center in Mundelein, Illinois

Aug. 30, 2023
Process technology manufacturer opens technical center designed for collaboration and development of industrial batch and continuous process equipment.

Process technology manufacturer ProXES Inc. has opened a new North American Technical Center in Mundelein, Illinois. The center is designed for developing and demonstrating process technologies used in industrial batch and continuous process operations. 

“The implementation of new technologies and processes often requires a comprehensive culture of innovation. Our co-creation approach fosters this spirit of innovation. We involve our clients in the development process so that they can contribute valuable insights from their practical experience and identify potential challenges or bottlenecks,” said Marc Setzen, CEO of ProXES in a press release.

The 2,000-square-foot facility includes capabilities such as liquid and solid dosing, cutting, chopping, milling, blending, mixing, dispersing, emulsifying, cooking, heating, cooling and deaerating products for batch and continuous production.

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