Chemical Processing Launches Annual Salary Survey

March 29, 2023
Job Satisfaction and Salary Survey provides unique outlook on year-to-year employment trends.

Chemical Processing has opened its annual Job Satisfaction and Salary Survey to participants for 2023. With a large enough pool of respondents, the survey results offer an accurate view of industry salaries, bonuses, employment outlook and workforce shortages, and more.

The survey, introduced in 2005 and launched each year in the spring, allows respondents the unique opportunity to share the satisfying aspects of their careers and what areas bring frustration. Over the years, the results also reveal dynamic industry trends such as outsourcing of jobs, the great recession’s employment and pay cuts, the retirement boom, and the pandemic’s operational and workforce challenges.

The survey, which takes 10 minutes to complete, is open to anyone who works in the chemical industry. Chemical Processing staff will verify the validity of respondents to ensure accurate results.

Take the 2023 Job Satisfaction and Salary Survey.