Honeywell partners with Intergraph

Feb. 22, 2005

Honeywell has announced that  it has signed an agreement to standardize its automation project engineering on  SmartPlant® Instrumentation,an instrumentation  engineering solution powered by INtools®, from Intergraph Process, Power &  Marine. With one of the world's largest in-house engineering firms, Honeywell  can help customers reduce the costs of project delivery and long-term  maintenance and support. 

Honeywell and Intergraph  intend this agreement to be the next step in an on-going collaboration to  integrate SmartPlant Enterprise with Honeywell's latest process automation  technology, Experion(tm)Process Knowledge  System (PKS).  Further integration  with the SmartPlant Enterprise will allow Honeywell to build upon existing  interoperability and collaborate with end-users and engineering firms during  project deliveries.  The goals of  the on-going partnership are to optimize plant safety and productivity and to  improve operational efficiency.

Patrick Holcomb, senior  vice president - Global Business Development & Marketing, Intergraph  Process, Power & Marine, said, "Honeywell's control system technology and  industry expertise brings tremendous value to this alliance, as customers can  expect to save even more money while shortening their time to market and  improving their compliance with safety and environmental regulations. Together,  both companies are looking at additional opportunities to streamline work  processes and address the business needs of our common customers by expanding  and enhancing the integration between Experion and the SmartPlant  Enterprise."

Experion PKS improves  business performance by integrating process and business data across the entire  enterprise, making information and knowledge available when and where needed, so  process manufacturers can make the right decisions quickly. The Experion  platform lays the foundation for integrating all process control and safety  management-including non-Honeywell systems-under one unified architecture.

SmartPlant  Instrumentation is part of the Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise, a comprehensive plant lifecyclesolution for the integrated engineering  environment. SmartPlant Instrumentation increases design and maintenance  productivity and integrates with upstream and downstream tasks, providing a  single point for entering and revising data.

 "Our customers are the primary  beneficiaries of Honeywell's partnership with Intergraph," said Harry Sim, vice  president of Marketing, Honeywell Process Solutions. "This standardization will  enhance Honeywell's flexibility and consistent collaboration with  customers and other engineering firms as we deliver projects on-time and  on-budget.  With an ongoing  integration strategy between Honeywell and Intergraph, our customers can extract  the full value from their investments and further optimize their  operations."

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