Aveva Training Program Integrates OEG’s 3D Remote Content

Dec. 14, 2020
Aveva Unified Learning supports shift to remote industrial worker learning as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.

OEG LLC, provider of industrial learning platform software and content, announces a new strategic learning partnership with Aveva, provider of engineering and industrial software. The partnership will integrate OEG’s 3D remote learning content into the Aveva Unified Learning offering to optimize remote operator safety and efficiency, which has become particularly important for industrial organizations during the current global pandemic.

Aveva Unified Learning offers off-the-shelf and customer training programs for industrial operators, bringing together the latest technologies with sound instructional design to provide competency-based experiential learning. The OEG content will be used with Aveva’s learning management system and high-fidelity operator training simulators to provide a library of on-demand, cloud-based, experiential courses to enhance process operator training.

“The OEG Knowledge Library will enhance Aveva Unified Learning with rich, purpose-built content for basic process operator training, as well as reduce learning time and improve knowledge retention to enable our customers to build and sustain workforce competence,” says Ravi Gopinath, chief cloud officer and chief product officer, Aveva.

Today’s workforce increasingly prefers to learn in an on-demand, self-paced manner versus a traditional classroom environment, according to Aveva. This trend, reportedly fueled by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, is driving a shift in the training strategies of process manufacturing companies as more and more opt for a virtual environment.

Ted Davis, president and CEO of OEG, says, “This partnership will accelerate our fundamental mission, to bring life-like, immersive content to enhance learner engagement, enjoyment, retention and facilitate greater efficacy in adult learning to the process industries.”

For more information, visit: www.aveva.com

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