Honeywell Develops Training Simulators For Peru Refinery

April 5, 2022
Hydrocarbon producer, refiner and distributor Petroperú implements Honeywell Forge Workforce Competency offerings to train its industrial workforce.

Honeywell announces that Petróleos del Perú S.A. (Petroperú), reportedly the largest hydrocarbon producer, refiner and distributor in Peru, has implemented  Honeywell Forge Workforce Competency offerings to train its industrial workforce. Petroperú is investing in digital transformation as a key part of the refinery modernization megaproject at its 100+ year old Talara Refinery, according to Honeywell. The company is using the Honeywell offerings to provide realistic training simulations, on-demand desktop training and customized competency learning.

“We are investing heavily in our Talara modernization project to ensure that Petroperú has industry-leading production capacity, quality and advanced technology to deliver world-class products to our customers and support the economic growth of Peru,” says Arturo Rodriguez Paredes, corporate manager, Talara Refinery. “It’s critical that our Talara workforce is well trained on our new control platforms, so we trust Honeywell Forge Workforce Competency to ensure that our workers have the best training to learn critical systems and tackle any knowledge gaps.”

Honeywell says it worked with Petroperú to develop dynamic training simulators so that staff could learn how to control four new units at the Talara Refinery. The new training and certification program for operators and supervisors using Honeywell Forge Workforce Competency is called the Console Operators Competencies Management Program. The program utilizes Honeywell Forge Tutor and Honeywell’s simulator offering, Honeywell Forge Process Training Simulator, to teach Petroperú’s operational staff, in a simulated environment, about the complex responsibilities needed as a control panel operator.

“Petroperú is embracing digital transformation to meet the challenge of training new employees with the needed skills in the commissioning, start-up and stabilization of new facilities,” says Murali Mandi, vice president and general manager of Connected Industrial for Honeywell. “Honeywell Forge Workforce Competency has enabled advanced training with Honeywell Experion Process Knowledge System (EPKS). The realistic environment has also reduced training time and helped workers develop critical competencies to support safe operations, increase production and improve quality at the refinery.”

Honeywell Forge Workforce Competency can provide customized training in a virtual environment for organizations in most industrial settings that need training programs as well as support additional capability such as process design, engineering and optimization. Training could include common activities such as normal unit operations and process disturbances to abnormal situations and critical-event scenarios.

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