UMass Lowell Hosts Chromatography Symposium And Workshop

By Chemical Processing Staff

Apr 03, 2019

UMass Lowell will host a two-day event, May 8 and 9, 2019, focused on continuous chromatography for bioproduction. The event consists of a symposium and workshop, and is supported by UMass Lowell, MilliporeSigma, YMC and ChromaCon. 

The symposium will provide presentations from opinion leaders and practitioners in this field, including:

  • Jim Angelo (Bristol-Myers Squibb): Demonstration of robust viral clearance across twin-column continuous Protein A chromatography
  • Prof. Massimo Morbidelli (ETH Zurich): End-to-end continuous biomanufacturing
  • Alessandro Butte (DataHow): Quality by Design and continuous processing
  • Kathleen Mihlbachler (YMC): Scale-up of continuous bioprocessing systems
  • Matthew T. Stone (MilliporeSigma): A new cation exchange resin for the removal of monoclonal antibody aggregates using flow-through frontal chromatography
  • Thomas Müller-Späth (ChromaCon): Continuous chromatography applications - oligonucleotides and antibodies
  • Thomas Müller-Späth (ChromaCon): Manufacturing-related aspects and economic considerations of twin-column chromatography

The joint UMass Lowell and ChromaCon course Hands-on Training related to Multicolumn Chromatography Operation and Theory with support from MilliporeSigma will include training on continuous downstream processing. The course will include discussions on design of continuous capture and polish processes, validation, process economy and operational excellence. Training will take place at UMass and will include practical lab work including experimental design and execution of continuous capture chromatography.

The symposium can be booked separately from the training workshop.

More information can be found here.