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Stonehouse Process Safety Moves, Expands Corporate HQ

By Chemical Processing Staff

Jul 16, 2019

Stonehouse Process Safety (Stonehouse) moves into expanded corporate headquarters located in Lawrenceville, N.J. The new, expanded testing laboratories will allow Stonehouse to meet increased demand for combustible dust testing and other process safety testing services, according to the company. Stonehouse provides process safety consulting, testing, training and litigation support services in the specialist areas of dust flash fires and explosions, NFPA 652 dust hazard analysis (DHA), gas and vapor flammability, electrostatic hazards and self-heating/thermal decomposition.

“It is critical for processing companies to know that they are operating in a safe environment and that effective measures are in place to manage the risks of fire and explosion to protect employees, contractors, the community and the facility,” says Vahid Ebadat, CEO, Stonehouse. “Our consulting team and testing laboratories provide comprehensive, competitively-priced services and support to our clients for the necessary quality expertise and data to ensure safe operations.”

Stonehouse’s state-of-the-art laboratories reportedly provide quality-controlled process safety data for safe operation in the process industries including the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, legal/insurance, metals, paper/pulp, plastics, rubber and other process manufacturing industries. Principal laboratory testing services include:

•          Combustible dust testing

•          Electrostatic hazard testing

•          Self-heating /thermal instability testing, and

•          Flammability testing of gases and vapors

Stonehouse helps clients select the tests that they need for their specific applications. After testing, Stonehouse interprets the data obtained from testing to identify and evaluate process safety hazards and provide practical recommendations for the effective elimination and/or control of those hazards. Stonehouse also sets up and runs customized tests to simulate actual process and operating conditions where standardized tests fall short of providing adequate safety information.

Stonehouse’s new company headquarters address is 11D Princess Rd, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648.

 For more information, visit: www.stonehousesafety.com