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Siemens Moves Engineering Framework To Cloud

By Chemical Processing Staff

Apr 12, 2019

With the TIA Portal (Totally Integrated Automation Portal) in the cloud, Siemens expands the options for the engineering framework in the various phases of planning, engineering and commissioning, according to the company. All the main features of TIA Portal V15.1 are available with additional options – the simulation of the application in the cloud environment with the help of S7-PLCSIM Advanced, full use of the application possibilities, for example the complete controller portfolio including the new, redundant S7-1500R/H controller, the configuration of visualizations with HMI Panels, PC-based runtime systems and the fully integrated Sinamics drives portfolio.

Using the TIA Portal in the cloud provides web-based access to pre-installed environments using any type of hardware, without the need for installation, and at any time and place. The scalability of the cloud architecture enables customized adaptions to the user's requirements. This includes the individual adaption for users who would like to access pre-installed TIA Portal environments. This enables users to adapt very quickly without any waiting time. It can also reduce the costs of installation and software maintenance.

The central storage of project data permits fast, easy access no matter where the user is located. It also makes it significantly easier to distribute project data throughout the team. This can completely eliminate the need to copy data from one device to another, according to Siemens.

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