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Police Book Management For Culpable Homicide In Blasts At Factory

By Chemical Processing Staff

Sep 04, 2019

After a series of blasts at a chemical factory that left 13 dead, police book management of the factory for culpable homicide, according to the Times of India. The factory, located in the Shirpur taluka of Dhule district, India, reportedly suffered three blasts at its boiler on Aug. 31 that killed 13 people, including three girls under the age of 10, and injured 70 more.

Factory management identified by police includes directors, managers and others responsible for the negligence that led to the explosion, death and injuries, according to the article. The group is reportedly booked under Section 304 – culpable homicide not amounting to murder – and other sections related to endangering the life or personal safety of others and negligence regarding explosive substances and machinery. Police indicate the members of management did not take any precautions to protect workers despite knowing the risks of combustible material in the factory.

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