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DuPont Addresses Sulfuric Acid Industry

By Chemical Processing Staff

Nov 06, 2019

DuPont Clean Technologies (DuPont), supplier of MECS sulfuric acid plant engineering, processes, energy recovery and environmental technologies, focuses on topics of critical importance to members of the sulfuric acid industry – the future-proofing of emissions management and plant expansion and optimization – at this year’s Sulpher 2019 conference.  Delegates at CRU’s Sulphur & Sulphuric Acid Conference 2019 gather in Houston Nov. 5-7 to discuss the latest industry developments and find answers to the challenges they face.

Eli Ben-Shoshan, president of DuPont Clean Technologies, took part in a panel discussion about emissions management on the opening day of the conference. “The impact of industry on the environment is a topic that we all need to address,” Ben-Shoshan says. “All industries are under pressure to consider what more can be done to limit their footprint. We need to look at ways to future-proof operations with advanced emissions control technologies.”

In a workshop on day two of the conference, CRU Technical Adviser and MECS Global Licensing and Technical Manager Garrett Palmquist will discuss heat recovery from acid plants in a specialist panel event. This session on Wednesday, Nov. 6, will consider engineering, operation and maintenance of heat recovery systems and the merits of different approaches that are designed not only to recover energy, but also to reduce corrosion and mist generation.

A separate presentation on Thursday, Nov. 7, will focus on the use of gas sampling to optimize the performance of catalytic reactors in sulfuric acid plants and the choice of innovative, high-performance catalyst. Later the same day a paper presented by Evan Uchaker and Steven Ziebold of DuPont Clean Technologies will highlight a debottlenecking solution for capacity expansion. The presentation also marks 60 years since the introduction of Brink mist eliminators.

“DuPont Clean Technologies is once again a gold sponsor of CRU Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid as we view this event as a platform for the industry to come together to debate and solve emissions and plant performance questions,” says Kirk Schall, global business manager, acid and scrubbing technologies, DuPont Clean Technologies. “As a company that has been serving the industry for more than 90 years, we are sensitive to industry needs and keen to make the most of opportunities such as this one to discuss and further developments that benefit our customers, the communities that surround them and the environment as a whole.”

For more information, visit: www.mecs.dupont.com