Atlas Copco Donates $100K For World Water Day

By Chemical Processing Staff

Mar 27, 2019

To honor World Water Day on March 22, Atlas Copco’s U.S. employee-driven Water for All program donated $100,000 to charity: water, a New York based non-profit organization devoted to bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in need globally. The donation will help fund piped water systems with tap stands for rural communities in Nepal, India. The new water systems will help deliver clean water from mountaintop springs down to the homes within communities in Nepal serving approximately 900 people, according to the company. World Water Day, observed by the United Nations, is an international day of awareness to advocate for sustainable management of freshwater resources.

“We would like to thank Atlas Copco for another significant donation. Over the last decade we have worked with them on many projects all around the world and have brought water to thousands of people – none of which would have been possible without their support,” says Scott Harrison, founder and CEO of charity: water. Approximately 663 million people in the world are without clean drinking water, more than twice the population of the United States, according to the charity: water website.

“We are proud to mark World Water Day with another milestone in our history. This donation takes our total giving to over $1.5 million,” says Jim Levitt, vice president – North America Holdings at Atlas Copco North America. “This has only been possible due to the hard work and dedication of our employees who run the program in the United States.”

Since 2010, the Atlas Copco USA Water for All program has donated to 35 water related projects around the world, according to the company.  Since its founding in 1984, Atlas Copco’s Water for All organization has reportedly helped more than 2 million people gain access to clean drinking water. 

For more information, visit: www.atlascopco.com