Will Weed-Killing Robots Push Aside Pesticides?

By Chemical Processing Staff

Jun 27, 2018

The robots are coming to a farm near you – and threatening to upend the multibillion pesticides industry in the process.  According to an article from CNBC, artificial intelligence (AI) has pushed into agriculture with smart robots capable of identifying crops from weeds and dispensing of them at a fraction of the cost of spraying entire fields.

Swiss company ecoRobotix has reportedly developed a solar-powered, weed-killing robot that can run for 12 hours straight without an operator. The robot can pick out the weeds and administer a dose of herbicide that is 20 times less than traditional spray methods, according to CNBC. Last year, John Deere also made its move into robotic farming with the purchase of a California-based agriculture technology firm. 

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