Environmental Health & Safety / Security

SOCMA Rewards EHS&S Performance

By Chemical Processing Staff

Nov 20, 2018

More than 40 Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) member facilities will receive 2018 Performance Improvement Awards for their commitment to continuously improving environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) practices at the association’s 97th Annual Dinner, December 10, in New York.

“Winning a Performance Improvement Award doesn’t just happen, it takes hard work and determination, and the effort must be fully embraced throughout the facility,” says Jennifer Abril, SOCMA president and CEO. “Our 2018 Gold award winners – Nation Ford Chemical and Monument Chemical Kentucky – have been steadfast in their efforts to enhance not only their plant operations and processes but also improve the quality of life in the communities where they live. Both Nation Ford and Monument are first-time Gold award recipients, so we commend them for their dedication and for fully embracing EHS&S excellence.”

Monument Chemical Kentucky’s stakeholder engagement program, which nurtures and sustains a mutually valuable dialogue with the community, reportedly wowed the judges. The facility holds quarterly meetings with the Local Emergency Planning Committee, as well as quarterly drills with volunteer fire departments and training with the ambulance service. Monument is also utilizing alternative means to reduce hazardous waste in the environment through the installation of a new tank and piping to neutralize corrosive streams, which allows them to treat materials in-house rather than disposing it off as hazardous waste. 

The health and safety of employees is a priority at Nation Ford Chemical, and the judges were particularly impressed with the facility’s Health and Safety Day. Taking a break from day-to-day production, Nation Ford creates a fun environment to motivate staff to make health and safety top priorities. The facility is also implementing current leading indicators and processes, which has helped reduce its OSHA recordable rates over the last three years from 5.5 to 0 in 2017. And, because of its recycling efforts, Nation Ford was acknowledged by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control’s (DHEC) Smart Business Recycling Program in 2018. 

Nine facilities will receive Silver Performance Improvement Awards and 25 SOCMA member facilities will receive a Bronze Performance Improvement Award for maintaining strong EHS&S programs. In addition, Ashland’s Ohio facility is the recipient of the ChemStewards Sustainability Award and Monument Chemical Kentucky is the recipient of SOCMA’s 2018 Educational Outreach Award. 

For more information, visit: www.socma.com