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Manufacturers Use Safety Maturity To Improve Productivity

By Chemical Processing Staff

Oct 02, 2018

Industrial companies are using safety to not only mitigate risks but also to improve productivity and profitability, according to a survey by LNS Research. The survey finds organizations are using the three core elements of safety maturity, which include safety culture, procedures and technologies, to avoid safety incidents and improve business performance. In addition, risk management increasingly includes both safety and security risks.

From a culture standpoint, the survey finds that organizations in which EHS, operations and engineering collaborate to improve all aspects of safety report a median incident rate 15% lower than those without this collaboration. Organizations with cross-functional safety collaboration are also found to have a 12% better on-time delivery performance.

On the technology side, 75% of industrial companies say they have seen operational improvements resulting from the use of advanced safety technology. Similarly, 60% of respondents say they have seen financial improvements resulting from the use of advanced safety technology. 

“The LNS Research survey shows that best-in-class manufacturers are making industrial safety a pathway to operational excellence,” says Lee Lane, vice president, safety, sensing and connectivity at Rockwell Automation. “These top performers use contemporary safety technologies, make safety a company-wide value and use standard processes to design safety and productivity into machinery.” 

In 2013, Rockwell Automation introduced the Safety Maturity Index for end users to measure and improve safety performance. Many best-in-class companies use the tool today, according to the company. Rockwell Automation also introduced a version for machine builders to help them create machines that deliver productivity gains and comply with modern safety standards.

The LNS Survey results also support OEMs building safer machines, as 20% of respondents say they are willing to pay a premium for increased safety performance. 

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