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Malaysia Reports More Than 40,000 Workplace Accidents Last Year

By Chemical Processing Staff

Aug 10, 2018

Malaysia reported more than 40,000 workplace accidents last year, according to an article from MalayMail, or roughly 116 cases per day. Human Resource Minister M. Kulasegaran delivered the sobering statistic – 42,513 reported incidents in 2017, to be exact – during Occupational Safety and Health Week at the Malay-Sino Chemical Industries Sdn Bhd plant in Ipoh. 

Most concerning, said Kulasegaran, are the accidental deaths – at least two cases every day. Kulasegaran reportedly urged employers and employees to organize programs aimed at minimizing risk by identifying dangers, conducting risk analysis and most importantly, exercising effective risk control. During the first half of this year, Kulasegaran said that the Safety and Health Department conducted 137,559 checks on workplace and machinery and issued 15,759 notices, bringing 123 cases to court.  

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