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Corning Honors MIT Professor For Reactor Technology Work

By Chemical Processing Staff

May 04, 2018

Corning Incorporated awards Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Professor Klavs Jensen the inaugural Corning International Prize for Outstanding Work in Continuous-Flow Reactors and Chemistry for a Greener and Safer World. Jensen is a distinguished professor of chemical engineering and material science who, along with his team, has made significant advances in academia in the field of microreactors and flow chemistry since 2009 by using Corning Advanced-Flow Reactors, according to the company. Corning presented the award to Jensen at the eighth annual Corning Reactor Technology Conference in Changzhou, China on March 29. 

“No laboratory in the world has done as much to understand and progress advanced-flow reactor (AFR) technology for chemical transformation than the Jensen lab at MIT,” says Yi Jiang, business director, Global Advanced-Flow Reactors and innovation officer, Corning Greater China. “Professor Jensen and team’s original engineering research on continuous-flow reactors and flow chemistry has provided critical direction to the entire global field. In the process, they introduced a new generation of researchers and scientists to this disruptive technology.”

Corning’s AFR technology reportedly enables the continuous processing of chemicals with a smaller footprint than conventional batch reactors. The company’s reactors are specially designed to enable the conversion of batch chemical processes to continuous processes. 

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