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Companies Report Double-Digit Increases In IIoT Use

By Chemical Processing Staff

Nov 14, 2018

Enterprise applications company IFS releases a research study of 200 North American executives that reveals substantial year-over-year gains in internet of things (IoT) usage in industrial companies. Executives at respondent companies, ranging from manufacturers to trade contractors to oil and gas companies, are reportedly collecting more data from connected devices, integrating it with other systems in new ways and making IoT data more central to their businesses.

The study shows:

  • Companies collecting IoT data on entire work cells or production lines rather than individual machine components or individual machines has increased by 17%. This enables more advanced use cases, which helps explain a 30% increase in use of IoT to support asset performance management, according to IFS. 
  • Respondents using IoT to monitor their customers’ equipment saw a 10% increase, potentially signaling transformational approaches to field service management.
  • Despite these advances, the percentage of respondents who have integrated IoT data streams with their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software hovers at 16%. This reluctance may represent a barrier to leveraging IoT to deliver net new business models or revenue opportunities, says IFS.

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