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Clariant And Global Bioenergies Develop Bio-Based Polymer For Cosmetics

By Chemical Processing Staff

Jan 03, 2018

Specialty chemicals company Clariant and Global Bioenergies develop a new bio-based polymer for cosmetic creams and lotions, which is reportedly derived from Global Bioenergies’ renewable, sugar-based isobutene. The new ingredient is a rheology modifier that influences formulation viscosity and achieves specific sensorial and texturizing properties for creams and lotions, according to Clariant. It contains more than 50% renewable carbon, and consequently meets the ISO 16128:2016 standard for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients and products. The bio-based polymer is reportedly proven not to change the properties of an application, offering formulators a direct 1:1 alternative to petroleum-based equivalents.

The building block of Clariant’s new cosmetics ingredient is currently produced on a small scale at Global Bioenergies’ demo plant located in Leuna, Germany. The companies are working on upscaling production with larger volumes.

For more information, visit: www.clariant.com