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Center For Operator Performance Goes Independent

By Chemical Processing Staff

Nov 30, 2018

At its 25th semi-annual meeting in Tulsa, the Center for Operator Performance (COP) announces its formation as a new independent organization, completing the spin-off from Wright State University. The new organization allows more rapid funding of research, better control of IP and reduced overhead costs, according to the organization.

Expansion of the COP reportedly necessitated becoming an independent organization to maximize member value and enable rapid project execution using the best researchers available. The COP became its own taxable non-profit organization as of July 1, 2018. The new organization says it is even more member-oriented with continued focus on research in the process industries. New research projects, selected by member companies, include quantification of the impact of alarm management and automation, establishment of console overload thresholds, identification of the best background colors for human-machine interface (HMI), management of control room noise and methods to improve operator mental models. The new structure includes Chairman Michael Bell of NOVA Chemicals, Vice-Chairman Vance Flosenzier of INVISTA and Secretary/Treasurer Lisa Via of Beville Engineering.

The COP is a collaboration of operating companies and distributed control system (DCS) suppliers that conduct research focused on ways to improve operator performance. Operating companies include: Chevron (ChevronPhillips), Koch Industries (Flint Hills Resources, INVISTA, Georgia Pacific, Koch Ag & Energy Solutions), HollyFrontier, CITGO and NOVA Chemicals (Borealis). The DCS suppliers are Emerson and Yokogawa (KBC). Beville Engineering is the founding member company.

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