2018 Bio-Based World News Innovation Awards Open For Entries

By Chemical Processing Staff

Feb 13, 2018

Bio-Based World News Innovation Awards 2018 is open for entries.  Bio-Based World News will reward the bio-economies’ leading innovators during a ceremony at World Bio Markets 2018 in Amsterdam in March. Four separate awards will be handed out - three voted for by an expert panel of independent judges and the other by readers. According to the site, size isn’t important, the entrant can be a one-person start-up or a global multi-national. Innovation is the key.

The categories include:

Bio-Based Product of the Year

A product currently available to purchase that is derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine and forestry materials and provides an alternative to conventional petroleum derived products. For the purpose of the awards, bio-based products do not include food, animal feed or fuel. The key is how the product improves on one derived from petroleum; sustainability is not enough, the judges will be looking for developments in price, functionality and quality.

Bio-Based Chemical Innovation of the Year

An innovation involving a platform or intermediate chemicals derived from biomass feedstocks, used to produce other chemicals. It can be a breakthrough development, a new method of production, a smarter development or a new technique. The key is the innovation and the ability to display a benefit and progress for the industry long-term.

Best Use of Alternative Feedstocks

Using alternative feedstocks is normally more than just changing the raw materials. It can require new supply and preparation infrastructure, fresh growing and harvesting techniques, new chemical processing technologies or access to new partnerships. For this category, a feedstock is defined as any renewable, biological material that can be converted. The use will focus on research, development, demonstration and innovation and will likely feature robust partnerships.

Deadline for entries is Friday, February 23, 2018.

For more information, visit: www.biobasedworldnews.com