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Schneider Electric And Claroty Pair Up To Tackle Cybersecurity

By Chemical Processing Staff

Aug 08, 2017

Claroty and Schneider Electric announce a partnership to address safety and cybersecurity challenges for the world's industrial infrastructure. Under the terms of the agreement, Claroty will market its real-time OT/ICS network monitoring and detection solution to Schneider Electric's customers through the company's Collaborative Automation Partner Program (CAPP).

The Claroty platform proactively protects industrial control systems and continuously monitors industrial networks for cyber threats. With secure remote access, asset owners can employ policies to control remote employee and third-party access to critical systems and record the sessions. Continuous threat detection creates a detailed inventory of industrial network assets, identifies misconfigurations, monitors traffic between assets and finds anomalies that may indicate the presence of a malicious actor, according to the company. Alerts provide plant and security personnel with actionable insights for efficient investigation, response and recovery. 

This partnership adds a key component to Schneider Electric's end to end cybersecurity offerings, according to the company, by protecting its connected products and edge control offerings within the company's EcoStruxure architecture. EcoStruxure is Schneider Electric's IoT-enabled, open and interoperable system architecture and platform. EcoStruxure architecture reportedly enables scalable design and operation of connected systems with cybersecurity built in at every layer. 

A key characteristic of the Claroty platform is its ability to explore the deepest level of industrial network protocols without adversely impacting the system, according to Schneider Electric. This enables end users to safely identify anomalies while protecting complex and sensitive industrial networks. Traditional IT security software often uses active queries or requires a footprint on the network, which can ultimately disrupt operations. The Claroty platform uses a passive-monitoring approach to safely inspect traffic without the risk of disruption.

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