Novel Technology Platform Produces Wide Range Of Ethylene Amines

By Chemical Processing Staff

Oct 02, 2017

AkzoNobel's Specialty Chemicals business has developed a new technology platform for producing ethylene amines and their derivatives from ethylene oxide. According to the company, the platform reduces raw material consumption per ton of product and is more cost-effective and sustainable than existing processes.

The flexibility of the technology will reportedly allow the selective production of a wide range of end products, enabling the company to expand its amines product offering. AkzoNobel intends to start construction of a demonstration plant in 2018 to showcase the competitiveness of the platform and validate the products with customers. The range of ethylene amines targeted includes DETA (diethylenetriamine) and TETA (triethylenetetramine), which are key building blocks in a number of growth applications such as epoxy curing, oil and road additives and paper.

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