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Minnesota Is Latest State To Restrict Controversial Weed Killer

By Chemical Processing Staff

Dec 26, 2017

Minnesota joins a growing list of states that have restricted a controversial farm chemical made by Monsanto and BASF SE, according to an article from Reuters. The weed killer is reportedly linked to widespread crop damage. The state will curb summertime spraying in 2018 in an effort to prevent a repeat of damage suffered in the U.S. farm belt this year.

The herbicides are based on a chemical known as dicamba, which experts say can harm vulnerable crops when they evaporate and drift away from where they are applied, according to the article. U.S. farmers reportedly planted 90 million acres of soybeans in 2016, and about 4% percent showed signs of damage due to dicamba, according to University of Missouri data cited by Reuters. The U.S. is the second largest exporter of soybeans. Monsanto and BASF say their products are safe when used properly. 

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