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Magnetrol Technology Allows Plants To Precisely Monitor Methane Emissions

By Chemical Processing Staff

Mar 21, 2017

With a global warming potential reportedly more than 20 times that of carbon dioxide, methane gas is under scrutiny by the Environmental Protection Agency. Oil and gas companies must adopt technologies that meet growing methane regulations and monitor methane gas emissions accurately, according to an article from Magnetrol.

A leading oil and gas company recently required gas flow measurement that could accurately measure natural gas flow rates at its compressor stations. Measuring vent gas emissions from the packing systems of compressors required flow measurement at very low flows and low pressures and the capability of achieving high turndown. The company enlisted Magnetrol’s Thermatel Model TA2 thermal mass flow meter, which measures air and gas flow directly and offers low flow sensitivity, and high turndown ratios. The technology’s auto switching feature automatically alternates between a low flow curve and a high flow curve to extend the turndown, ensuring precise methane emission measurement, according to Magnetrol.

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