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Greenpeace Confronts DHS Over High Risk Chemical Facilities

By Chemical Processing Staff

Apr 03, 2017

Greenpeace is calling on the courts to force the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to turn over information that the environmental organization says it has been requesting for more than a year. Greenpeace claims the DHS is unlawfully withholding unredacted documents related to chemical plants deemed high risk by the government, according to an article from Courthouse News.

The DHS has reportedly removed some 1,600 facilities from the “high risk” classification since the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorist Standard was enacted – and Greenpeace wants confirmation of those facilities. According to the article, most of the information was redacted in the 123 documents provided by DHS. The department reportedly claims that the information is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, while Greenpeace counters that a list of non-high risk chemical facilities does not fall under the exemption for “information compiled for law enforcement purposes or information that may expose the public to harm.”

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