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GE Provides Wastewater Treatment Services In Russia

By Chemical Processing Staff

Jun 05, 2017

GE and Bashneft, a Rosneft-affiliated company, sign a long-term service agreement to ensure wastewater treatment at Rosneft’s industrial facilities in the Russian city of Ufa. Under the 15-year contract, GE will reportedly provide a comprehensive service solution featuring advanced digital technologies to monitor filtration equipment at the plant. 

With this agreement, signed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, GE Water & Process Technologies will take over maintenance responsibilities for ZeeWeed membrane bioreactors (MBR), electrodialysis reversal and reverse osmosis equipment at the facility, extending equipment guarantees for the full life of the contract. The service solution will leverage GE’s InSight remote water monitoring system. 

GE earlier signed a contract for the supply of equipment as part of the renovation of the company’s water treatment facilities. Following completion of the project, the new system will output up to 84,000 tons of clean water per day, according to the company. The GE membrane bioreactor reportedly improves treatment efficiency by passing water through microscopic pores, cleansing it of nearly all impurities and microorganisms.

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