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Explosions Prompt Lawsuit Against Arkema

By Chemical Processing Staff

Sep 13, 2017

Arkema is facing a lawsuit over chemical explosions that occurred at its Crosby, Texas plant in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.  The plaintiffs, reportedly first responders, are asking for $1 million in monetary relief, according to an article in the Houston Business Journal.

The flooded Arkema plant, which reportedly houses organic peroxides, lost power from its primary supply and backup generators on August 28. The chemicals were moved to backup containers to keep them cool but these too were compromised. Chemicals that did not heat up and explode on their own were eventually ignited by local officials after the surrounding area was evacuated, according to the article. The lawsuit reportedly states that Arkema failed to alert first responders who were manning the perimeter of the evacuation area and they were subsequently exposed to and overcome by fumes from the explosions. 

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