Entegris Expands Into China With Spectrum Materials Partnership

By Chemical Processing Staff

Mar 17, 2017

Entegris Inc., a maker of specialty chemicals and advanced materials handling solutions for the microelectronics industry, signs an agreement with Spectrum Materials (Fujian) Co., Ltd. to expand its presence in China. According to the agreement, Spectrum Materials, a manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals, will manufacture Entegris specialty chemicals products at Spectrum Materials' Quanzhou facility.

Entegris currently manufactures specialty chemicals in the U.S. and South Korea and has business operations in Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'an, China. The partnership with Spectrum Materials will expand its capability in China and shorten its supply chain for Chinese customers, according to the company. The relationship is reportedly part of a broader strategic commitment by Entegris to support the growing semiconductor and related microelectronics industries in China.

Spectrum Materials will use a copy-exact manufacturing process to match existing Entegris processes and equipment and will implement the same quality control system in the manufacturing process, according to Entegris.

For more information, visit: www.entegris.com