Environmental Health & Safety

Eleven States Sue Trump Administration To Revive Safety Rules

By Chemical Processing Staff

Aug 04, 2017

Eleven states are using the courts to try and revive chemical safety rules put on ice by the Trump administration. New York’s attorney general is leading a lawsuit, which aims to get the Environmental Protection Agency to revive amendments to its Accidental Release Prevention Requirements under the Clean Air Act, according to an article from KUOW.org. The amendments were enacted in the final days of Obama’s term and subsequently shelved by the Trump administration.

According to the article, the rules were intended to reduce the risk of explosions and protect communities and first responders. United Steelworkers, which represents steelworkers at a Washington refinery that was the site of a deadly explosion, is reportedly among a number of groups who have also sued the administration over the delay in the rules. Makers of hazardous chemicals say the rules are costly and unnecessary, according to KUOW.

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