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DuPont Tyvek Turns 50

By Chemical Processing Staff

Apr 07, 2017

DuPont Protection Solutions announces the 50th anniversary of DuPont Tyvek, a nonwoven material that provides protection, security and safety in a variety of industries and applications.  To mark the milestone, celebratory events will be held throughout the year.  A series of communications and special activities are also planned for customers and end-users around the world.

“We are proud of the role Tyvek has played during the past 50 years in making a world of greater good possible,” says Christian Marx, global business director for DuPont Tyvek. “From helping to protect medical personnel during the West Africa Ebola crisis, to serving as a weather barrier for the pavilion housing the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia along with countless homes and commercial buildings around the globe, to helping protect the health of millions of patients around the world by maintaining the sterility of medical devices and supplies, Tyvek provides the trusted protection people need to accomplish bigger things.”

Lightweight Tyvek is breathable, yet resistant to water, abrasion, bacterial penetration and aging, making it suited for a variety of diverse applications, according to DuPont. One of the most commonly known applications for Tyvek is in construction. In addition, Tyvek protective garments provide protection for workers in industrial and cleanroom applications and for first responders. Tyvek for sterile device packaging is used to help protect patients in healthcare settings. Other applications for Tyvek include industrial packaging, active packaging and other specialty applications; cargo covers for pharmaceuticals and perishables; envelopes used by the U.S. Postal Service; and graphics as a substrate for tags, labels, banners, wristbands, maps and the creation of works of art and consumer products. 

For more information, visit: www.dupont.com