Environmental Health & Safety

ChemSec Marketplace Spotlights Alternatives To Hazardous Chemicals

By Chemical Processing Staff

May 19, 2017

Chemical producers including Clariant, Chemours and Valspar are reportedly working with environmental NGO ChemSec to raise the visibility of alternatives to hazardous chemicals through the Marketplace, a website aimed at companies looking to future-proof their chemicals management. The Marketplace features global regulatory news, real-life events, step-by-step guides to chemical substitution and information about safer alternatives.

“There already exist a number of initiatives and projects that can guide companies in identifying problematic chemicals in their products, but very few of these show the way forward – what to replace the unwanted chemicals with,” says Anne-Sofie Andersson, executive director at ChemSec.

“Sustainability and innovation are key building blocks in Clariant’s company strategy. Clariant proactively seeks to develop and offer safer and more sustainable solutions to the market to address the key trends of our time,” says Lynette Chung, head of corporate sustainability strategy and advocacy at Clariant. “The Marketplace provides us with an additional opportunity to highlight already existing solutions, to connect to new customers and identify further opportunities for collaboration and innovation in promotion of sustainability and chemical safety.”

Chemical producers currently featured on the Marketplace are: Beyond Surface Technologies, EONCOAT, Valspar, Greenway Denmark, Bio Gen Active, Paxymer, Nordic Paper, OrganoComp, OrganoWood, Jerol, Rivertop Renewables, OrganoTex, Clariant, OrganoClick, The Chemours Company and jobaTEC.

For more information, visit: https://marketplace.chemsec.org/