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CDP Cites Failure Of Chemical Companies To Meet Paris Agreement Goals

By Chemical Processing Staff

Oct 13, 2017

Chemical companies are not meeting the goals set forth in the Paris Agreement concludes a new report from the CDP. Despite progress across several climate metrics, more ambitious environmental targets and process innovations will be required if companies hope to align with the Agreement’s below 2-degree goal, according to an article from Sustainable Brands.

The chemical sector is providing climate change product solutions and reportedly making some progress in their emissions and energy efficiency, according to CDP’s Catalyst for Change, which analyzes the efforts of 22 of the largest global chemical companies. Still, the CDP says faster and more significant change is required of chemical companies’ highly polluting processes. According to the article, the chemical industry produces an eighth of global industrial CO2 emissions while holding a key place in the world economy, with 95% of all manufactured products relying on chemicals.

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