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California Can Order Monsanto To Put Cancer Warning On Roundup

By Chemical Processing Staff

Feb 03, 2017

A California court tentatively rules that the country’s leading agricultural state can require Monsanto to include a cancer warning label on its Roundup weed-killer despite the chemical company’s assertion that the product poses no risk, according to an article from CBS Sacramento.  Monsanto had sued the state, saying California officials “illegally based their decision for carrying the warnings on an international health organization based in France,” and that the labels would cause immediate financial consequences for the company.

Roundup’s main ingredient glyphosate is the chemical in question. According to the article, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency does not restrict the chemical, which it says has a “low toxicity.” The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a Lyon, France-based branch of the U.N. World Health Organization, however, reportedly classifies the chemical as a “probable human carcinogen.” CBS Sacramento reports that California would be the first state to order the labeling if it carries out the proposal.

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