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ABB Introduces Bluetooth-Enabled Drive Assistant Control Panel

By Chemical Processing Staff

Mar 20, 2017

ABB introduces the Bluetooth enabled drive assistant control panel, which establishes a wireless connection between the drive and a mobile device. Registering within 246 feet (75m), the control panel pairs with the ABB Drivetune mobile app, an application capable of connecting wirelessly to ABB drives. The Bluetooth enabled drive assistant control panel features a user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboard, according to the company. Drivetune makes it possible to connect with services and data available on the Internet alongside online drive communication, providing a tool for performing basic start-up and troubleshooting tasks. The product allows users to stay clear of hazardous areas when commissioning a drive, reportedly eliminating the possibility of arc flash.

The Bluetooth enabled drive assistant control panel is compatible with the ACS380 and ACS580 family of drives, and comes as standard on ACS880 industrial drives. It works on any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

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