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23 SOCMA Member Facilities Qualify For ChemStewards Excellence Tier

By Chemical Processing Staff

Aug 07, 2017

The Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) announces that 23 member facilities are now exceeding key ChemStewards benchmarks, qualifying them for the program's Excellence Tier. ChemStewards is an adaptable EHS&S program based on a three-tier system with key performance requirements per tier with increasing levels of difficulty: Tier One - Fundamentals, Tier Two - Enhanced Performance and Tier Three - Excellence. For the first time this year, SOCMA included a voluntary application process to the Tier Three qualifications, which allows ChemStewards members to showcase their company-specific metrics that help improve the environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) impact at their facilities.

The Tier Three application provides member facilities an opportunity to share how their operations have improved in Personal Health & Safety, Environment and Process Safety. Submitted applications also provide outstanding best practices to the network.  

Additional qualifications for Tier Three, include committing to ChemStewards core principles, completing security requirements, having at least one documented management review meeting, completing a third-party verification of management systems at the Enhanced Performance (Tier Two) level and submitting a voluntary Tier Three application.

All facilities qualifying for the Excellence Tier are eligible for SOCMA's Gold Performance Improvement Award - SOCMA's top EHS&S award that will be presented at the 96th Annual Dinner on December 4 in New York.  

Member facilities included in the 2017 Excellence Tier are:

Baker Hughes, Bakersfield, TX

Baker Hughes, Barnsdall, OK

Baker Hughes, Bayport, TX

Baker Hughes, Channel View, TX

Baker Hughes, Kilgore, TX

Baker Hughes, Rayne, LA

Baker Hughes, Sand Springs, OK

Baker Hughes, Taft Acrolein, CA

Baker Hughes, Hobbs Plant, NM

Bimax, Glen Rock, PA

Cambrex, Charles City, IA

KMCO, LP, Crosby, TX

KMTEX, Port Arthur, TX

MFG Chemical, Brooks Facility, Dalton, GA

Monument Chemical Houston, LTD, Houston, TX

Monument Chemical Kentucky, LLC, Brandenburg, KY

Nation Ford Chemical, Fort Mill, SC

Optima Chemical Group, Douglas, GA

Polysciences, Warrington, PA

South Coast Terminals, Port Terminal - Houston, TX

South Coast Terminals, Strang Road - La Porte, TX

South Coast Terminals, Wallisville Road - Houston, TX

Strem Chemicals, Newburyport, MA

For more information, visit: www.socma.com