Environmental Health & Safety

SOCMA Member Organizations Exceed ChemStewards Benchmarks

By Chemical Processing Staff

Jan 20, 2016

Seventeen Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) member facilities are now exceeding key ChemStewards benchmarks, qualifying them for the program's highest ranking - the Excellence Tier. ChemStewards is an adaptable EHS&S program that promotes continuous performance improvement in specialty chemical manufacturing. The program is based on a three-tier system with key performance requirements per tier with increasing levels of difficulty.

To qualify for the Excellence Tier, or Tier Three, facilities must sign core principles, complete security requirements, meet specific metrics obligations and requirements, have at least one documented management review meeting and complete a third-party verification of management systems at the Enhanced Performance (Tier Two) level.

To maintain their ranking, facilities must sustain EHS&S performance metrics at or above the Excellence criteria.

SOCMA member facilities included in the Excellence Tier are:

    KMCO LLC - KMTEX Plant

    KMCO LLC - Crosby Plant

    Lonza - Rochester Facility

    Lonza - Lake Charles Facility

    Noramco Inc. - Athens Plant

    Optima Chemical Group LLC

    South Coast Terminals LP - Port Terminal Facility

    South Coast Terminals LP - Strang Road Plant

    South Coast Terminals LP - Wallisville Road Plant

    Baker  Hughes - Sand Springs Plant

    Baker  Hughes - Barnsdall Plant

    Baker  Hughes - Channel Blend Plant

    Baker  Hughes - Kilgore Plant

    Baker  Hughes - Rayne Plant

    Baker  Hughes - Taft Acrolein Plant

    Baker  Hughes - Bakersfield Blend Plant

    Johann Haltermann Ltd. - Houston Plant

For more information, visit: www.socma.com