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Schneider Electric Introduces IaaS Offering

By Chemical Processing Staff

Oct 10, 2016

Schneider Electric introduces Wonderware Online InStudio, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering that reportedly changes the way software engineers, systems integrators and end users can provision, develop, test and maintain their HMI and SCADA applications. Wonderware Online InStudio is part of the Wonderware Online Insight cloud platform, built on Microsoft Azure, a collection of industrial data aggregation, storage and visualization functionalities.

Wonderware Online InStudio is a secure, cloud subscription service that lets systems integrators overlay a next-generation infrastructure that is highly available and scalable, according to the company. The offering reportedly supports improved collaboration during the development process across geographies and roles. Potential benefits include improved customer experiences, optimized delivery of software engineering services, enhanced application designs, faster user adoption and lower project costs, according to the company.

With Wonderware Online InStudio, software engineers reportedly can:

• Decrease time to provision development, testing and training environments.

• Create virtual machines in a few clicks; start instantly with pre-loaded VM images.

• Reduce hardware costs; set automated shutdowns to minimize costs.

• Shorten quote times while improving accuracy.

• Create ‘safe’ environments for proof-of-concepts, change management, testing and version upgrading.

Wonderware Online InStudio will be generally available in November, 2016.

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