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Study Finds Support For Worker Background Checks

By Chemical Processing Staff

Jun 28, 2016

As chemical manufacturers increasingly rely on contractors, they’re also giving greater scrutiny to these workers through background screening – an activity the public seemingly favors, according to a new survey from Sterling Talent Solutions.  The results of the survey reportedly demonstrate that the majority of Americans support and expect employers to conduct regular background checks on prospective employees.  Some other takeaways from the survey, according to the company, include:

• 95% of Americans polled think it should be mandatory to determine whether a person has a criminal background before he or she takes on the responsibilities of a job.

• 81% of Americans surveyed believe that feeling safe at all times is their right and the workplace is one of the top two locations where they expect to feel safe.

• Safety pervades the top-five topics survey respondents identify as most important to be discussed in the presidential debates this year.

• 68% of Americans surveyed indicate that they are willing to undergo background checks themselves.

• 78% say they expect to feel safe at their workplace, second only to their doctor’s office (83%).

• 65% of respondents believe that background checks provide them with a sense of safety in the workplace.

The poll, reportedly one of the largest of its kind among the U.S. population on the subject of background screening, was commissioned by Sterling and conducted by Kelton Global. Last year, a First Advantage survey found that almost half of employees felt that background screening raised the credibility level of their organizations and made both them and the organization more trustworthy.

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