“Horrible” Party Game Provides Full Ride STEM Scholarships

By Chemical Processing Staff

Sep 28, 2016

Cards Against Humanity, the popular “party game for horrible people,” is out to offend – except on those occasions when it’s actually helping humanity by awarding scholarships to young women studying science, technology, engineering or math (STEM). Cards Against Humanity funds the Science Ambassador Scholarship, co-sponsored by the Scientista Foundation, which covers the entire tuition for students like University of Pennsylvania materials science and engineering major Sona Dadhania, the scholarship’s inaugural recipient, according to an article from CBS Chicago.

High school students can make their bid for the next Science Ambassador Scholarship by submitting a three-minute video that demonstrates their passion for science. The deadline for entries is December 11.  A panel of more than 60 women working professionally in science, including representatives from NASA, Harvard Business School, the Smithsonian Institution and the Army Corps of Engineers, will judge the entries, according to the article. Sales of Cards Against Humanity’s $10 “Science Pack” fund the scholarship. The company has reportedly raised close to one million dollars.

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