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Honeywell Launches Mobility App

By Chemical Processing Staff

Feb 09, 2016

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) launches Honeywell Pulse, a new app that provides plant managers immediate notifications and real-time plant performance data and analytics direct to their mobile devices, according to the company. Honeywell Pulse is part of Honeywell’s Industrial Internet of Things network. 

Honeywell Pulse provides:

• Customized alerts according to user preference for timely notifications

• Alerts from existing Honeywell DynAMo Alarm Management software, and OPC-compliant historians, such as Uniformance Process History Database (PHD)

• Connectivity tools that allow use of threaded conversations to resolve and weigh in real time on issues, define alert conditions and subscribe or unsubscribe quickly

• Raised situational awareness through forwarded, shared and received critical alarms and events

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