Heat Exchangers

Conco Acquires Gogolok

By Chemical Processing Staff

Nov 09, 2016

Conco Systems, Pty Ltd. of Heatherbrae, Australia, an affiliate of Conco Services Corporation in Verona, PA, USA, acquires Gogolok IndustrieService GmbH (GIS) of Magdeburg, Germany. GIS specializes in industrial cleaning of plate heat exchangers, air cooled condensers and general maintenance cleaning services. The incorporation of GIS infrastructure, human resources and service capabilities into the Conco family will support Conco’s growth in the European market and an expansion of the global service portfolio, according to the company.

Conco Systems Pty Ltd. is the Australian contingent of a worldwide group of Conco companies providing condenser and heat exchanger products and services to the power generation and industrial sectors. Managing Director Noel John Peters will expand his role to include financial director of GIS, while day to day operations at GIS remain under the purview of Managing Director, Hagen Gogolok.

Conco’s acquisition in Germany strengthens the company’s existing European network of subsidiaries and distributors, according to the company, including Conco Systems SPRL in Lillois, Belgium and Conco European distributors in Italy, Poland and Spain.

For more information, visit: www.conco.net