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Baldor Launches Passport Selection Program

By Chemical Processing Staff

Oct 07, 2016

Baldor Electric Company introduces Passport, a new selection program for Baldor-Dodge mechanical power transmission products. Passport is a web-based tool that guides both novice and expert users through product selection.

During the selection process, Passport offers real-time pricing and availability. After selections are complete, Passport offers add-to-order capability, allowing customers to convert selections into orders via the PT Place e-commerce platform. Passport also provides a comprehensive summary that includes part numbers and supporting technical performance data and indexes product selections for future reference.

Currently, Passport supports the selection of shaft mounted reducers, as well as v-belt and synchronous belted drives. Future Passport capabilities will incorporate additional Baldor-Dodge mechanical power transmission products, and offer an application based approach to developing packaged solutions for common industrial applications such as conveying and air handling.

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