Environmental Health & Safety

App Helps Companies Comply With OSHA Reporting Rules

By Chemical Processing Staff

Apr 15, 2016

A new app from Workplace Aware may make it easier for companies to comply with OSHA’s Severe Injury Reporting Program, which requires employers to report any work-related amputations, inpatient hospitalizations or loss of an eye within 24 hours. The WorkplaceAware Report Management System allows companies to move safety and operational reports away from more time-consuming, paper-based document systems to a mobile app and web-based dashboard.

The WorkplaceAware Report Management System generates reports on anything relevant to safety and operational stability in the workplace, according to the company.  Employees can instantly submit photos and report details to management, saving valuable time between reporting and response. Employees can report near misses, safety and security observations, accidents, faulty or missing equipment, plant needs and supply requests.

All reports submitted through the WorkplaceAware mobile app are geo-tagged based on the location of the picture taken. In the moment, when creating a report, employees may not remember to include location details in the text they submit with photos.  The WorkplaceAware Report Management System eliminates the extra step of a manager or business owner trying to contact the employee for more information regarding exactly where an incident occurred, improving response time.

WorkplaceAware helps companies eliminate barriers to reporting. The app streamlines the tracking and managing of all categories of reports resulting in faster resolution. Users can access the WorkplaceAware web-based dashboard wherever they are located to generate PDF or CSV reports that can be tailored by type of report and other parameters. Reports can be escalated to a particular employee or management group, or forwarded electronically to the appropriate individual or department for immediate intervention and resolution.  Alerts can be transmitted instantly.

For more information, visit: www.workplaceaware.com