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ABB Brochure Features In-Situ Analyzers

By Chemical Processing Staff

Jan 28, 2016

ABB’s Measurement & Analytics business releases a new brochure that describes the in-situ Endura AZ oxygen analyzer series for process combustion control or emissions monitoring. According to the brochure, the analyzer's sensor, based on the zirconium oxide cell, mounts on the tip of a probe inserted into a combustion gas flue duct. Probes may range up to 13 feet long, and deliver stability and accuracy in dusty, humid, corrosive and hazardous areas, according to the company. The probes reportedly withstand process temperatures of 800°C (1472°F).

The brochure says that the oxygen analyzers simplify use, offering self-calibration and diagnostics as well as user-friendly interfaces. Process engineers can choose from industry standard flange configurations and extensive options. Associated transmitters provide configuration, monitoring and diagnostics, as well as HART communications.

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